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Only a few artists have the genius to create a Masterpiece but making Art for self expression is wonderfully relaxing and therapeutic and available to Everyone! Come try it and discover your ability to create wonderful pieces!  During these times of Social distancing our intimate studio space is the perfect haven for your small group to have a private class to explore and develop your creativity. EyeSpy Studios serves the community by providing the best tools, instruction and encouragement to get your inner Artist inspired and creating. Whether its your first time or if you're looking to hone your skills I hope to see you here soon....

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Filling the Soul with Art

It has been an interesting journey to arrive at this point in my artistic career. At the tender age of 17, with no artistic experience and only the instinctive belief that Art would somehow save me from the terrifying Nothingness inside me after growing up in war ravaged Rhodesia, I dived into doing a B.Fine Arts. Institutional art bred the mentality, that if your art isn't on a par with Van Gogh & Picasso you are a failure and many in my art class didn't touch a brush for decades afterward. I kept my "serious aka controversial" artwork private but experimented with fun interactive pieces, with different mediums and surfaces ranging from people to walls and many things in between! There was always something missing, Art for Art's sake did not fulfill me on an everyday basis. After watching my daughter 'Arting" freely from 2-16 years of age and then teaching at Painting with a Twist for 5 years, I slowly came to realize that what I had passionately believed to be true for me in fact applied to everyone ! Art is meant to be for EVERYONE, its a personal language to connect our inner self to the outside world. It isn't right or wrong, it isn't at all important if someone else likes our work or not, some will hate it and others love it even more passionately... Just like our personalities it's okay not to be "everyone's" flavor! Now, while I'm still dedicated to producing my own art I find my greatest fulfillment comes from helping others find, believe in and express their own Inner voice. I take great joy in finally being able to have my own studio and invite you to come paint with me!! Join me at EyeSpy Studios for a fun, relaxing, and well rounded artistic experience.

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Studio Class Information

EyeSpy Studios is a friendly, non-judgmental environment that inspires artistic growth on an individual basis. Everyone has an inner artist dying to express themselves and I'd like to help you find this artistic voice by guiding and encouraging experimentation with different mediums and art techniques. The studio can seat 4 people very comfortably and up to 8 if needed. I am offering a variety of class options but the most cost effective will be for groups of 4 or more, so grab some friends and come have fun!! I have discounted prices for packages purchased in advance but please read the applicable restrictions carefully. If you sign up for weekly classes I plan on having a booth at the monthly Mt Dora Art Walk (when it starts again) for ALL of us to display our wares and hopefully sell some off our work! I do not sell any refreshments so feel free to bring your own. As I'm on a tight schedule, I respectfully request you do not arrive/depart more than 15 minutes before and after your scheduled class time. Additional studio time can be reserved when booking at $30- per half hour 


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115 E 4th Ave, Suite #215
Mount Dora
FL, 32757


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